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    Hand Carry Service Mobile delivery service is the fastest logistics solution in the world for special urgent cargoes and special transportation by airplanes and other fastest available transport vehicles. It has the highest timeliness and safety Sexuality and confidentiality, your confidential documents, valuables, special emergency goods can be achieved across the country door to door, door to airport, airport to airport fast and reliable speed logistics services.

Our staff will pick up the goods at your door, and professional personnel will bring your belongings on board, keep your belongings during the whole process and arrange a special car to deliver them.

Company operations center is located in Shanghai, and set up under the Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other branches. 7 * 24 hours can be scheduled to book tickets, delivery, flight, delivery through-train service. Is your reliable emergency solution solutions experts.



     Life-Science Cold ChainSpeed Global Transportation Limited takes full advantage of its global leading position in emergency logistics to actively explore the global cold chain of life sciences and provide professional life science cold chain transportation to various biomedical laboratories, clinical medical institutions, laboratory animal centers and government nonprofit organizations service.Speed Global Transportation Limited's customers are located in major hospital center laboratories, drug development and sales, vaccines, biological reagents, stem cell immunotherapy, clinical and other institutions. Shipping products include: blood samples, urine samples, DNA genes, muscle tissue sections, animals, plant specimens and clinical needs of the need for temperature control and so on. Among them, in the rapid transportation of stem cells and temperature control products, TengYiPo is one of the most professional and accurate cold chain logistics providers in China at present. We can assist you in approving the relevant permits, inspection and quarantine inspection and inspection, non-dangerous goods transport certification, customs agents, temperature control product packaging solutions, the entire temperature control records.


About Us

Speed Global Transportation Limited was established in 1999 as a 1st Class Standard international freight forwarder that approved by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Transportation, General Administration of Customs and Civil Aviation Administration of China. Our main services focused on high level transportation services such as Hand Carry(aka OBC), Speed Line, Speed Cargo, Life Science Cold Chain etc. Our years of experiences will provide you with specialized considerate logistic solutions as well as unprecedented prompt service.

Speed Global is known for its excellent and efficient Hand Carry emergency cargo transport.